MEGAMAN® is a global brand to have exclusively provided energy-efficient lighting products throughout its lifetime.  Originated in Germany, the brand has gone from strength to strength over 25 years since its inception in 1994; and has come from developing the industry’s first classic shaped CFL to now boasting a full range of metal halide replacement LEDs, launching revolutionary Smart Lighting Solution, a full range of LED Components and a suite of LED luminaires.

The light that lights up the world

in a sustainable and socially responsible way.

Our Philosophy – “Life in Light!”

MEGAMAN® is recognised around the world as a provider of energy-saving lighting solutions that make a positive difference to the quality of life. With its innovative LED lighting products in a variety of sizes, shapes, colour temperatures and features, MEGAMAN® offers a way of life that substantially benefits consumers as well as the environment. With an emphasis on reducing the environmental impact, from product development to disposal and recycling, MEGAMAN® leads the way with its innovations and new lighting technology, striving for a better tomorrow for all.

Symbolic of life

A glowing sphere of light is symbolic of life. Light’s power is in its ability to provide a dynamic focus in an ever-changing universe. Light is alive, radiating its colourful character and sparkling vibrancy to the world.

Light enhances life

There is no secret that artificial light enhances life, work and play. It provides quality time for music concerts and evening football games. Artificial light allows time to be effectively used, any hour of the day, as needed.